Representative Experiences

Representative Experiences

The Firm’s commitment to accomplishing our clients’ goals has enabled us to deliver successful outcomes in a variety of areas. Some representative examples of our successes since the Firm was founded include the following:

  • The successful defense of a general contractor in a case involving the failure of a walkway along the Long Island Sound. The claim at issue which was made against our client was in excess of $4,000,000. While the case was resolved following a multi-day mediation, the settlement resulted in our client paying nothing, and actually receiving money as part of the resolution.
  • The successful resolution of a design defect case against a professional design firm. This case resulted in a settlement after the entry of a prejudgment remedy in favor of the client and the discovery that followed. The settlement netted a resolution to our client that far exceeded the amount of insurance available to satisfy the claim.
  • Successful resolution of a wrongful death case for a national construction company. Our client obtained a zero–cost resolution, and was actually reimbursed a substantial portion of the costs and attorneys fees incurred in obtaining that result.
  • We serve as panel counsel appointed to handle all general liability claims, workers compensation claims and construction defect claims arising out of a $400,000.00 construction project in Stamford, Connecticut. We have actively litigated and successfully resolved dozens of workers compensation claims that have arisen on that project, and were also able to obtain an almost $2,000,000.00 settlement in a claim brought against a design professional that was negligent in the rendering of services.
  • We have responded to a number of catastrophic construction accidents, including a scaffold fatality at a construction project in Missouri and a fire at a private school undergoing a major renovation. Our firm was successful in dealing with the aftermath of each of these accidents, as the respective projects were able to resume with very little disruption to the construction schedule. In the case of the scaffold fatality, for example, our firm interfaced with federal and local authorities and our client avoided any form of citation. While handling the many issues that arise following a serious construction accident, including issues of evidence preservation and spoliation concerns, we successfully engaged all applicable insurance carriers with a view toward prosecuting and/or defending any subrogation claim and other lawsuits that may arise as a result of the accident.
  • We successfully litigated a claim against a popular night club establishment as a result of a patron being served alcohol that resulted in a serious automobile accident that injured the firm’s client. Though the establishment sued had no insurance, our firm obtained a prejudgment remedy on behalf of our client for the maximum amount allowed by law. As a result, we were able to attach thousands of dollars in bank accounts which resulted in the defendant paying a settlement that approached the statutory amount allowable by law.
  • We successfully defended a contractor in a breach of contract claim brought by a factoring company. The Firm was successful in obtaining summary judgment on behalf of that client with respect to most of the claims at issue. Once summary judgment entered, we were able to negotiate a very favorable settlement on behalf of the Firm’s client. While the Factoring Company had initially requested over $800,000.00 in a Federal Lawsuit, the plaintiff accepted a settlement of $25,000.00.
  • We represented a manufacturer in connection with the aftermath of an industrial accident, in which an individual was killed in an elevator accident at our client’s facility. After responding to the scene of the accident immediately after it occurred, we represented our client in interfacing with OSHA and other authorities, dealing with the press, navigating insurance considerations, and in defense of a wrongful death action brought by the Estate. After successfully handling each of these components, we were able to effectuate a prompt and extremely low-cost, favorable resolution on our client’s behalf.
  • We regularly appear in State and Federal Courts on a range of matters where we have tried and successfully litigated many cases to verdict. 
  • We have also prosecuted and defended many contested evidentiary hearings, including claims for injunctive relief, in both State and Federal Courts. 

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Anthony J Natale

Anthony J. Natale

Tony is a 1990 cum laude graduate of Suffolk University Law School and a 1987 cum laude graduate of Providence College. He was admitted to the…

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Brian L. Wolinetz

Brian graduated with Honors from the University of Florida in 1994, and earned his Juris Doctor with Honors from the University of Florida College of… 

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Richard F. Wareing

Rich graduated from the Harvard Law School cum laude in 1993 and from the College of the Holy Cross magna cum laude in 1990. He was admitted to practice in…

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Robert I. Paterno

Robert is a 2001 graduate of George Washington University Law School and a 1993 graduate of Dartmouth College.  He represents businesses and individuals in state and federal courts…

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Angela M. Vickery

Angela joined Natale & Wolinetz as a legal assistant in 2009, continued to work with the firm as a legal intern throughout law school, and began practicing at the firm following her…

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Shannon Philipp Butler

Shannon’s areas of practice include commercial, construction and general liability litigation, representing both individual and corporate clients in Connecticut state and federal court…

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